Polo Forest

Polo Forest lies in the hilly areas of Vijaynagar in Sabarkantha District of Gujarat. This area is also noted for its archaeological heritage and is about 145 km from Ahmedabad.

The total area covered by the forest is around 400 sq km. Polo is a haven for bird watchers. Different varieties of animals such as bears and panthers, and the varied floras found here makes Polo a naturalist’s delight. The ancient Sharneshwar Temple and Panchayatan Temple nestled amid this dense forest is worth visiting.

The Polo Forest can be approached through the National Highway 8. Vijaynagar is near Idar, a historic town.

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  1. Hi Team,

    Can we visit this place with my family? Is it safe place to visit with family member?

    Sunil Mishra.

  2. no body knows the underground bunker/ wat sistutated middle of temple dom
    it is a matter of research @

  3. we don’t have any logisitical information about the place and the infra there. Visitors here are mistaken in contacting us for the information. please remove the post referring our mobile no 9824001111

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  5. dear i have seen you nice pictures of archeological sites of Polo. i have spent nearly 14yrs in this area. i have documented whole area. i going to put weblink about polo forest. if you need any kind of help about your blog regarding history and anthropology i will give you.
    nice to meet you.

  6. ………….by the our contact no is 09824001111

    paresh, nitin, shreekunjmandapam

  7. this is amazing . your pics are great . what an angle and what a beautiful frames yu have freezed. would like to meet you . please tell us how to contact you personally


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