Gujarati Food, Gujarati dishes

Gujarati food is probably unique in that it is dominantly vegetarian. Most Gujaratis are rigid vegetarians. There are slight differences in food habits and methods of preparation throughout Gujarat, owing to climactic and cultural variations. Some ingredients like yogurt, buttermilk, coconut, groundnut, sesame seeds, lime juice, sugar, etc are staples in Gujarati preparations.

Gujarati food is a highly distinctive Indian cuisine. It is usually served on silver platters along with rice and diverse wheat breads. Most people love Gujarati delicacies like crisp spicy fried farshans, available at roadside stalls. The popular Gujarati thali served at marriages comprises farshans, sweetmeats and a plethora of sweet and sour chutneys and pickles. This harmony due to the blending of the sweet and the salty is what demarcates Gujarati food from other Indian varieties. Gujarati food typically consists of rice or chapatis, pulses, vegetables, kachumbar (mixed vegetables salad), papad and curd. It is nutritious and balanced. Snacks like dhokla, khandvi, sweets like basundi are popular all over the country.

Gujaratis relish snacks known as farshan, prepared in several ways. The most popular variety is known as chivda.

Some notable Gujarati food items are:



Shaak (Subzi/Vegetables/Curries)

Undhiyu Sev Tameta nu Shaak Bateta nu Shaak
Bateta Sukhi Bhaji Ringan nu Shaak Dudhi nu Shaak
Ganthiya nu Shaak Guavar nu shaak Tindola nu shaak
Bhinda nu shaak Kobi Bataka nu shaak Dudhi Mag ni dal nu shaak
Dudhi Ganthia nu shaak Dudhi Bataka nu rasawalu shaak Chola nu shaak
Mag-Math nu shaak Mag nu suku shaak Tameta Bataka nu rasawalu shaak
Ringna no oolo Karela nu shaak Kantola nu shaak
Methi nu shaak Parwal Bateta nu shaak Fansi nu shaak
Palak Bateka Suva ni bhaji nu shaak Kanda Bateka nu shaak
Gajar no sambharo Fansi ma Dhokli nu shaak Panchkutiyu shaak

Farsan (Side Dishes)



Mithai (Sweets)

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