Ahmedabad BRTS (Janmarg)

JANMARG overview
Ahmedabad, today, is on the threshold of transforming into one of India’s leading cities. It is India’s seventh largest city and poised to be a financial hub in western India.  It has the infrastructure and the ingredients required to realize this dream – uninterrupted power supply, excellent road network, reputed educational institutes and above all, the famous Gujarati entrepreneurial spirit.
Ahmedabad has been futuristic in city planning. It realizes that only with a long term vision, it can sustain its growth and enhance the quality of life desired for its six million citizens.  Worldwide, the best and the most successful cities are seen to have efficient public transport systems.  Ahmedabad too has taken up this path of transformation and is heading for a sustainable transport system, which will enhance the quality of life of Amdavadis and promote competitiveness of the city itself. The BRT is a logical conclusion of this vision.
The concept of Janmarg is influenced by the successful Transmilenio system built in Bogota and the BRT system of Curitiba.  However, it’s planning and design is adapted to suit Ahmedabad’s specific conditions. The system gives top priority to buses, pedestrians and non motorized transport and this is achieved by segregating these modes from fast moving motorized traffic.  Buses run on dedicated lanes provided in the centre of the road while bicyclists get their own dedicated track and pedestrians get wide footpaths.
Janmarg is more than just moving people efficiently.Janmarg is about creating an identity for public transport in Ahmedabad for years to come.  It is about creating a sense of pride in Ahmedabad’s citizens for their city. It is about creating an image that will define the ethos of Ahmedabad as a city that is ready to accept change, a city that has a vision for the future, a city that will transform the image of public transport in India.

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